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Hayley & Lew at 322

Building type:
Edwardian semi-detached
Current status:
In progress
For this project our clients sought to renovate and reorder An early Edwardian semi that had lost much of its original charm and functionality throughout several misinformed renovations in the seventies. To make this project suitable for modern living we have taken a broken plan approach to enable the large spaces for entertaining the clients require and the intimate, more private spaces for the couple to enjoy themselves too. Most of this project revolves around not only making sense of the new layout, but making it suitable for how the clients would use these spaces. From inception to final styling we wanted this project to reflect the best of the eclectic and functional sensibilities of the clients whilst also respecting as many original features as possible. The new extension seeks to finally allow the rear of the house to engage with the garden space, whilst the rest of the project seeks to - as in the Edwardian and Victorian traditions - be designed to last as much as they are to function well.