Emerging and interdisciplinary Design Studio improving lives through well considered architecture, interiors and furniture. Based in latitudes 53 (Manchester) and 54 (Newcastle).

53 by 54 not only represents each of our geographical locations but each of our identities as a partnership. Having met at Newcastle University whilst studying architecture it became clear what made us an effective team wasn’t just what we agreed on but where we would differ. This creative tension is integral to making sure every project we complete is always to the client brief and not to an in house style.

We aim to provide design solutions across a range of scales and mediums, from architectural design to interior styling and sourcing, product and furniture. Each of our projects is a chance to create something totally bespoke for the client and their needs. Be those solutions practical, aesthetic or best of all, both.

Henry Cahill

With an Architectural background and having worked on a wide range of projects within Manchester and the North West, I consider myself focused on the small details that make up the bigger picture as much as the end result. In this sense I know every project delivered has been worked on with the careful attention it deserves rather than the standardisation and repeatability I have often noticed across the industry and how this can affect the overall quality of work. Every brief is different and therefore every approach and solution is too.

Samuel Bell

Diverting from Architecture to Interior Design I found myself working on everything from exhibition design to product and furniture. I am fascinated in viability as much as I am creating narratives and spaces that tell of the clients own interests and stories. Often frustrated with the tendency of interior designers to design for Instagram or the lowest common denominator of acceptable taste I take personal responsibility for making the project truly something personal and bespoke to the client.


The real boss of the operation. Likes chicken and dislikes rain.


The intern. Likes attention and the beach.