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Dining room

North West
Building type:
Residential interior
Current status:
Completed 2019
Within this project the clients' desire was to have as much a sense of intimacy as departure when entering this room. As if to be a world within itself or, even more so, their own private supper club. Contextually the client was very interested in travel and multiple cuisines and we tried to acknowledge this through the stylistic lens of the grand tour - all the way from English winter garden via Venice and on to the Orient. By doing this we were able to acknowledge and fuse a myriad of stylistic cues and precedents varying all the way from 19th century chinoiserie to Venetian modernism. The project is itself a celebration of maximalism but craft too. Fretwork panels were all custom designed by us and installed to be of the room and context, as well as the mural, which wryly engages with the deliberately imposed intimacy with a sense of borrowed space and grandiosity.